17, Jul, 2019

Financing a car is almost an automatic step. With the cost of the average car in the neighborhood of $32,000, very few people pay cash for a car. Yet this is just one of many times we shouldn’t go with the flow. There are plenty of reasons to pay cash […]


The average transaction price for new cars in the United States in 2018 teetered around the $35,000 mark. Sure, the economy’s doing well (for now), but that’s still enough scratch to afford a bottom-level luxury car, and maybe you don’t feel like spending big (or even medium) on your next […]


Congratulations! You’re now ready for that next step in welcoming the newest baby of the family–your four-wheeled baby. And that next step is trading the bunch of bills you’ve set aside. You’re swapping cold, hard cash for a cool car. And that is the best way to pay for it as with […]


Many people who have bought a car with car finance wonder when they can upgrade or change their car.  If you financed your current vehicle and have owned that vehicle for in excess of 2½ years it is likely that you could now be in a position to upgrade to […]